For the month of August, Lee County had a 41% increase over last August in the number of condos listed for sale.  As a result, condo and townhome sale prices fell in August while single family homes rose by double digits.  In Cape Coral our average sale price is now $225,000 for a single family house and that is an 11.3% increase over last year.  The average list to sale price here is about 96.5%.  The market is strong for single family homes but, weak for condos.  The good news for condo sellers is that the "selling season" is just beginning.  Let's hope after the election that we get some buyer's down here to buy condos!


We are almost done with September and I will share those results in early October. But, I thought the information on condo sales was very interesting and wanted to mention it.


A few other noteworthy items:


First,  I have shared a great video of Cape Coral on my Facebook page:  Judy Ramage-Realtor.  I would loved to have copied it for you here but, it will not open when I copy it as a link.  So, feel free to go to my page and check out the video.